Animation Blueprint

Create an animation blueprint

Create an animation blueprint based on the skeleton of choice and inherit from Existent Player Anim Instance.

Create animation blueprint

Start by recreating the following animation graph.

Animation Graph

Based on the type of tracking being used the setup in the animation blueprint will change. In this case the animation blueprint will drive fully-body using a 5 point tracking system.

Add a root node and set the body driver to Feet & Camera.

Add a head, arms, legs and two hand nodes.

Head, arms, legs and hands nodes

Create two animation sequences representing the skeletal mesh open/close hand poses. Here is an example of what the poses may look like.

Open hand pose
Close hand pose

Back in the animation blueprint select the hand nodes and set the open/close hand poses to the respective poses. The reference pose can be either of the poses or a complete custom third pose.

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