The ExistentHandComponent is designed to capture, process and maintain hand tracking data in world space. Using the support of the ExistentTrackingConfidence component and the integrated hand data filter component it provides more stable hand tracking data to the rest of the Existent platform.

The ExistentGrabComponent, ExistentPlayerAnimInstance and ExistentHandSolver are three examples of Existent systems using the tracking data generated by the ExistentHandComponent.

The ExistentHandComponent can work in conjunction with an ExistentTrackerComponent to provide a more reliable wrist transform.

How to use

Unless you are using a custom setup your player class will inherit from ExistentPlayer, which will already provide you with the two ExistentHandComponents required.

If this is not the case the ExistentHandComponent can be added to your player class by using the Add button in the components panel inside the blueprint editor. Once added you must specify which hand the component will work with, either left or right.

Once set up the component will work out of the box, however, its behaviour can be greatly customised to meet the specific needs of your project. As an example you can optionally tell the ExistentHandComponent to use an ExistentTrackerComponent to drive the wrist transform.

Additional Details

  • Hand Data Filtering: Internally employs the UExistentHandDataFilterComponent to refine hand tracking data, ensuring smooth and stable hand movements in the VR space. The hand filtering can be turned off.

  • Tracking Status Management: Utilises the ExistentTrackingConfidence generated value to dynamically assess the quality of hand tracking, adapting interaction capabilities based on tracking accuracy.

  • Debugging Tools: Includes debugging options for visualising hand tracking data in the Unreal Editor, aiding in the development and fine-tuning of hand interactions.