Trackers Tab

This tab is used to configure an existent players trackers. The first row of check boxes lets you select whether the player will be using hand tracking, hand and wrist tracking or just wrist tracking.

The next row has a drop down that lets you select any tracker set files from the '.../Saved/Config' directory.

The "Save as override" button will save the current trackers configuration to a file in the directory mentioned previously. This will be loaded by default when a game session starts so is a good way to setup trackers for a particular client.

The "Auto Assign" button will try to assign trackers to each limb based upon what can be seen by a live link tracking system (if one is present). These trackers need to be defined in the appropriate sections of the LiveLinkTrackingSystem.

N.B. This panel is only ever aware of the first tracking system in the override file/ Existent player. If you wish to use more than one tracking system with a player then you will need to manually modify the override file.

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