Setup Wizard

Setup a new project using the setup wizard

Setup Wizard Steps

The setup wizard takes you through a number of steps which create a number of assets as well as update the project settings. Following is a brief explanation of what each step does in the background.

  • Tracking -> The tracking step creates a tracking system asset and updates the existent project settings to make the newly created asset the default. This will ensure that any existent system which requires the tracking system asset will use the tracking asset created.

  • Project Setup -> The project setup step creates the project game mode, updates the project world settings to use the Existent World Settings class and creates/updates the default map.

  • Player -> The player step makes you choose the skeletal mesh your player will use, create a player blueprint and update the game mode to make the generated player blueprint the default pawn.

  • Mappings -> The mappings step generates the hand bone mappings, body bone mappings and tracker mappings asset. Based on the skeleton you are working with it will automatically update the mappings to use a set of default values.

  • Body -> The body step creates the open/close hand poses and create the animation blueprint the player blueprint will use. The animation blueprint is dynamically generated based on the body tracking system you have chosen (5 point, 3 point or hand and hands)

Using the setup wizard

Open the setup wizard by clicking on the Existent menu from the toolbar then selecting Setup Wizard.


Select the tracking system from the list of available tracking system.

Modify the tracking system properties.

Click on apply changes to create the asset, update the project settings and move onto the next step.

Project Setup

Choose the preferred world creation method and click apply changes.


Select the skeletal mesh you want your player to use.

If you do not have a skeletal mesh yet and want to use Existent default meshes make sure to enable Show Engine Content and Show Plugin Content in the skeletal mesh asset picker.


Select the skeleton you are working with and the device mesh name the tracker mappings will use to display tracker meshes.


Use the default poses sliders to create the open hand and close hand poses.

Then scroll down and choose a body tracking solution.

Restart Editor

Restart the editor as prompted by the setup wizard.

When the editor has restarted close the setup wizard tab. Inside Content -> Existent you will find all the assets created by the setup wizard.

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