Creating a pose and entering edit mode

Create a new pose and enter edit mode

Create a tracked object

Before getting started with how to use the grip edit mode you will need a tracked object. If you already have a tracked object you can skip to the next section.

Create a blueprint of type Actor.

Then open the blueprint and add an ExistentTrackerComponent.

Add a mesh that will represent your tracked object.

In this case I have used a static mesh part of the engine content folder and have scaled the mesh down to 0.1 on all axes.

Finally, add an ExistentGripComponent.

Creating a new pose and entering edit mode

If you click on an ExistentGripComponent you may notice that in the details panel under the Pose category, there are two properties called GripPose and FinalGripPose. These two properties appear with a button underneath the animation sequence thumbnail, the button will either let you edit or create a new pose.

The button automatically updates to either functionality depending on the value of the pose, if there is a pose specified then the button will let you edit the pose otherwise if there is no pose specified the button will let you create a new pose.

To create a new pose clear the value of the GripPose property.

Then click on the Create button.

Pressing the create button will bring up a window which lets you select where to save the animation sequence and what the animation sequence should be called.

After choosing an appropriate location and name click on OK, the animation sequence will be automatically created, saved and assigned to the property.

Now that we have an animation sequence to edit we can press the Edit button and enter grip edit mode.