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Open as Window

Opens the given UMG user widget as/in a new, separate window.

!!! THIS SIMPLE SAMPLE METHOD ONLY SUPPORTS PROPERLY CREATING **ONE** WINDOW !!! If you want to create multiple windows with the same method, you need to add proper handling of them.


In Exec

Target Existent UMGWindow Component Object Reference

Widget Existent Inspection Panel Widget Object Reference

The UMG UserWidget to use as content for the new window

Window Position Vector 2D Structure

Where on screen should the new window be placed

Window Size Vector 2D Structure

Size of the new window

Use Os Border Boolean

Use the OS native window border (=true) or the UE own one (=false)

Has Title Bar Boolean

Show the window title bar; window will have no title bar if set to "false"

Drag Everywhere Boolean

Can the window be dragged by clicking and dragging anywhere in the window area (=true) or only via the tile bar (=false)


Out Exec

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