Reality Bridge is a communication layer that connects Unreal game instances running the VR experiences with the external input and output devices (e.g. a button on a tracked prop that sets off a firework in the experience, or a fan that turns on when you step on a moving platform to enhance the immersion), as well as a web interface that allows the developers and experience operators to send events to the VR experience (e.g. assigning trackers to wrists and feet, recording the session).

This tool is undergoing significant changes in how it will be used, so while it is possible to use it with Existent 0.1.0, it's disabled by default for now, and a more complete usage guide will be available with the next version of Existent.

If you would like to use Reality Bridge with Existent 0.1.0, please contact our team and we can help you set it up.

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