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Class Details

Defined in: Public/Objects/ExistentBodyCalibration.h

Hierarchy: Object > Subsystem > DynamicSubsystem > EngineSubsystem > ExistentBodyCalibration

The ExistentBodyCalibration subsystem allows to save and load per user body calibration settings. Whenever one of the Add functions is called (e.g. AddEyeHeight) a file is created or updated in the [GAME]/Config/BodyCalibration folder. The file is named using the Player Unique Identifier parameter. The calibration file is a JSON file which mirrors the struct FBodyCalibrationPlayer and contains the following properties: - FString PlayerUniqueIdentifier => The unique identifier that represents the player. - FString FriendlyName => Friendly name that represents the player. - float EyeHeight => The eye height of the player in cm. Measure from the floor to the eye height. - float ShoulderWidth => The shoulder width of the player in cm. Measure from shoulder to shoulder. - float ArmsLength => The arms length/span of the player in cm. Measure this in a T pose from hand wrist to hand wrist. - float HandSize => The hand size in cm. Measure from the wrist to middle fingertip with the hand fully open. - float LegLength => The leg length in cm. Measure from the waist to the ankle.



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