🎭Backstage Mode

Backstage mode provides a series of debug visualisations in-game that are normally only visible from the Unreal editor, such as the bounds of each ExistentSpace, and the physical locations of Players and props inhabiting different Spaces than your own.

Backstage mode also enables the Existent debug panel, which is attached to your Player’s left hand. This panel displays all Unreal log messages, and also allows you to trigger Vehicles in your level to drive, or to instantly teleport your Player to a different Space. The debug panel is operated by hovering the tip of your right index finger on any of its virtual buttons for half a second in order to trigger a button press.

To enable backstage mode, simply toggle bBackstageModeEnabled on your ExistentPlayer, toggle it in the β€˜Level’ or β€˜Server’ tabs in the inspection panel or enable it via RealityBridge or the console command Existent.BackstageMode.Enable.

Note that backstage mode being enabled or disabled applies only to your machine’s copy of your locally controlled Player, and does not alter the view of any other Players, or your Player’s remote copy on another machine.

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