Existent v0.0.2 Release Notes

Change Log:

New Features

  • Variable Speed for Vehicles: Vehicles can now drive at a speed defined by a developer-provided FloatCurve. By setting bConstantSpeed to false, speed can vary freely, including going negative, while still smoothly aligning with source and destination Spaces. This includes:

    • Automatic adjustment of driving time to match the journey distance based on the area under the custom curve.

    • A separate SpeedScale parameter to adjust the maximum speed and driving time.

    • Automatic normalization of the curve to a time domain of [0, 1].

  • Custom Curve for Vehicle Scale: Added an option to vary vehicle scale using custom curves.

  • New Grip Edit Mode: Introduced a new grip edit mode in the blueprint editor with a fully customized details panel for the grip component. This allows:

    • Editing a specific pose or creating a new pose and entering edit mode.

    • Using the details panel as a tools panel in edit mode.

    • Manipulating animation sequence hand bones and saving changes back into the animation sequence.

  • RealityBridge Enhancements:

    • Alignment Accuracy Display: Introduced a feature to display alignment accuracy in RealityBridge.

    • Net Mode Information: Send net mode information to RealityBridge.

  • Documentation: You can now find the Blueprint Nodes API BP Nodes on our documentation

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Scaled Spaces:

    • Fixed the player-out-of-bounds check for scaled spaces.

  • Full Body Scale Fixes:

    • Updated parent scale calculations and draw debugs.

    • Fixed dynamic target distances, spine calculations, and arm/leg scaling issues.

    • Resolved leg solver cached foot direction and dynamic target generation.

    • Improved root orientation generation and fixed spine twisting.

  • Debug Renders: Added debug renders (in editor and backstage mode) for varying-speed Vehicles to visualize speed and acceleration values at regular intervals along the journey.

Known Issues