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Async node that allows to listen for when the reality bridge subsystem has been initialised. If the subsystem has already been initialised when calling this node then it return right away

Existent Body Calibration

The grab component is responsible for detecting available grips around the hand and provide the existent hand component with the calculated transform for the currently selected grip (if available).

A grip component represents a single grip in a tracked object. Grip components are discovered and used by the existent grab component which uses the grip data to provide the existent hand component with the final wrist transform when a grip is used.

The existent bone mappings asset is a custom asset that allows to specify what existent bone corresponds to what bone in a custom skeletal mesh. The asset can be used in several existent systems such as the ExistentHandComponent, ExistentGrabComponent and the HandSolver animation node.

The existent hand component is responsible for collecting, processing and storing the hand tracking data. This component works hand in hand with the existent grab component to allow the user to detect grips and grabbing objects. The hand tracking data stored by the component is all in world space.

Represents a player character in the Existent system, capable of VR interaction and tracking. Includes functionality for tracking head, hands, and other body parts, managing VR input, and supporting object interaction and grip mechanics.

The reality bridge subsystem allows you to communicate from within Unreal Engine with reality bridge. The subsystem lets you send events, bind to events and unbind from events.

Like a UProgressBar, but circular.

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