Existent v0.1.0 Release Notes

Change Log:

New Features

  • New Wizard for Setup

    • Introduced a setup wizard that can help users to set up a new project by going through a number of steps to define Tracking system, Game Mode & Map, player skeletal mesh, Body Mappings, Animation Blueprint,etc.

  • License Validation & Management

    • Users will now need to enter a valid Existent license key & validate it before being able to use Existent Plugin. Features are restricted based on license type (Starter or Indie). See https://existent.com/signup/ for more information and to get a license key.

      • Starter: Allows you to use Existent features to develop applications, with the following limitations:

        • You may only create levels with a maximum of 2 Existent Players, 2 Spaces, 1 Vehicle, and 1 tracked object.

        • Experiences you build can only be played through the Unreal editor (packaging executable files is not allowed).

      • Indie: Allows unrestricted use of all Existent features, as well as the ability to package builds.

      • No License: You won't be able to Play in Editor or Package builds.

  • Mixamo Skeleton Support

    • Full body Mixamo skeleton support.

    • Added 3-point and 5-point animation blueprints for Mixamo skeleton.

    • Default animation poses for Mixamo skeleton.

  • New UI and User Experience Enhancements

    • New UI style for Existent Control Panel for a more intuitive and visually appealing interface.

  • Session Recorder Tool Improvements

    • Display number of seconds passed in currently playing recording (in inspection panel).

  • Tracking System Improvements

    • Added new Manual Drift Compensation tool through Existent Control Panel.

    • A Vive tracker can now be used to set custom origin.

  • Vehicle and Debugging Enhancements

    • Pausing Vehicles mid-drive is now possible.

  • ExistentTrackedObject

    • A new base convenience class for setting up tracked objects that automatically includes a static mesh and tracker component.

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Tracking System Enhancements

    • Fixed grips breaking after switching body tracking mode.

    • Moved vehicle state update code to UpdateVehicleState() function to decrease the size of the Vehicle's Tick function.

    • Updated tracking system properties editing before asset creation.

  • Documentation and Developer Tools

    • Added comments for better BP Nodes documentation.

    • Added several delegates for better control to third-party developers:

      • ExistentVehicle::OnReverseDirection

      • ExistentTrackerComponent::OnCurrentSpaceChanged

      • ExistentGripComponent::OnPlayerObjectPickup

      • ExistentGripComponent::OnPlayerObjectDrop

      • Added events for tracking lost/resumed in ExistentTrackerComponent.

  • Skeletal Mesh and Solver Improvements

    • Fixed skeletal mesh orientation issues, improved visual representation, and corrected bone mappings.

    • Fixed crouching and tilting pelvis issues.

    • Removed auto-fill body bone mappings log.

    • Fixed various solver issues (leg, arm, hand) including automatic bone mapping assignments and exposure to blueprints.

    • Fixed crash issues related to incompatible skeleton mappings and improved error message readability.

    • Fixed some issues with arms appearing stretched when space is scaled down and potential issues with leg scaling.

  • Error Handling and Validation

    • Added error handling for pose generation issues, notifying users when wrist bones cannot be found due to incorrect hand bone mappings.

    • Enhanced error messages in the tracking step to notify users when no tracking class is selected.

    • Improved license validation error messages and deactivation options for maxed-out machines.

Known Issues

  • Crouching and Tilting Pelvis: Crouching and tilting the pelvis may not work properly unless the pelvis bone's forward axis points in the direction of the spine.

  • Hand Solver Poses and Debug Categories: Hand solver poses and debug categories might not be ordered correctly.

  • Hand Solver Reference Poses: The hand solver may not throw errors when reference poses are missing, potentially causing runtime crashes.

  • Tracker Mappings Error Messages: Tracker mappings can stack error messages in the viewport, making them unreadable.

  • Typos and Error Messages: Some typos and error messages when pose generation cannot find wrist bones due to wrongly set up hand bone mappings.

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