Design Tools

Map Physical Environments

Virtual environments (Spaces) that perfectly integrate with the real world (Stages).

  • Define your physical space

  • Set up boundaries and obstacles

  • Align real and virtual worlds

  • Interact with real-life props

  • Built-in safety features

Backstage Mode

Backstage mode offers powerful tools inside the headset.

  • Interactive in-headset control panel

  • View debug logs

  • Navigate between Spaces

  • Control Existent Vehicles

  • See the location of props in different Spaces than your own

Dynamic Transportation

Travel easily between environments with Vehicles.

  • Seamless movement of players and objects between different virtual areas

Development Tools

Hardware Agnostic

Swap out HMDs, trackers, or mocap systems without having to rebuild your experience.

Tangible Object Manipulation

Create digital versions of physical props for realistic object interactions.

Hand Grip Authoring

Automatically generate grip poses for props, or author them manually with our custom interface.

  • Allows for automatic collision-based grips, or manually authored grip poses

  • Blends naturally between finger tracking poses and custom grip poses

Flexible Player Body System

Choose 3-point or full-body tracking.

  • Use default avatars, or import your own

  • UE5, UE4 or Mixamo

  • No animation programming needed

Testing Tools

Session Recording & Playback

Iterate and build, without a VR headset with session recording.

  • Define recording

  • Enter VR session

  • Play back the session & adjust the playback rate

  • Playback within Unreal - no headset required

  • Edit the art or mechanics in real-time.

Deployment Tools


Remote show running tools for fast and efficient on-location experiences.

  • Trigger real-world events (e.g., vibrating floors, fans, IoT devices) from Unreal Engine

  • Trigger in engine events with real-world activity


Multiplayer out of the box, no setup required.

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