Setting Up a New Project

Steps to create and setup a new project

Project Creation

Launch Unreal Engine and create a new project. We recommend using the 'Virtual Reality' template (in the 'Games' tab) as it comes with rendering settings suitable for VR, however you may choose a different template that better suits your needs if you’re comfortable adjusting the rendering settings yourself.

Enable Existent Plugin

In order to use the Existent plugin, you need to enable it. With your new project open in the Unreal Editor, navigate to Edit β†’ Plugins from the top menu, search for β€œExistent”, and check the box next to the plugin, then restart the editor as prompted.

Packaged build setup

To support building a packaged executable (required e.g. for multiplayer projects), open Project Settings β†’ Packaging and add the path '/Existent/UMG' in 'Advanced β†’ Additional Asset Directories to Cook', as shown in the screenshot below.


  • Stage Creation: Create a new stage to define the playable area for your project by following the steps here.

  • Adding Obstacles: In case there are immovable objects in your playable area (e.g. pillars, staircase), you need to specify them in the Obstacles section in your Stage asset file. For the best results, you’ll need custom meshes that accurately represent the objects in your physical space, although you may approximate them with simple meshes such as cubes or cylinders. Adjust the transform of the obstacles to align them with where they’re located in the physical space. The obstacles will be highlighted when the players approach them for safety reasons.

  • Setting the Default Stage: Once your Stage is complete, designate it as the project's default Stage in Project Settings β†’ Game β†’ Existent Settings under the Stage category. This will make it so the new Spaces you create will automatically refer to this Stage.

There are two way to keep setting up your project, you can either use the Existent Setup Wizard or setup the project manually.

We recommend using the Setup Wizard

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