Types of controls, what they do and how to use them

There are three types of controls rendered in the viewport while in grip edit mode.

The component control.

The bone controls.

The advanced bone controls (disabled by default and enabled by using the Options properties).

  • The component control is a single control point which allows you to manipulate the ExistentGripComponent you have selected. This control differs from the bone controls and advanced bone controls in that it will directly modify the blueprint you are editing by updating the ExistentGripComponent transform.

  • The bone controls individually control each bone of the hand and let you manipulate the rotation of a specific bone in the preview mesh.

  • The advanced bone controls let you manipulate an entire chain of bones by updating all of the bones in a finger at once.

None of the changes made by using either the bone controls or bone advanced controls are permanent until the save or save & exit button is pressed.

To start interacting with any of the controls you can simply click on them and the transform gizmo will appear at the location of the control. The component control supports both location and rotation manipulations, however the bone controls and bone advanced controls only support rotation manipulations.

Here are some examples of what using the controls looks like.

Component Control
Advanced Bone Controls

You can either click away in the viewport or press the escape key to deselect the currently selected control.

The edits made on the preview mesh using the bone and advanced bone controls are automatically mirrored to the opposite hand.